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Why FIG Translation?

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Why FIG Translation?

Let’s face it. You have dozens of choices of possible French translation partners. So, “Why FIG Translation?”

We think the answer to that is fairly simple. There’s no other resource quite like us in French Canada.

  • We aren’t just translators. We have a passion for the French language that is infectious. We aren’t satisfied with platitudes or awkward language. We want your francophone customers to hear your messages exactly as you intended them in English.
  • We can’t help thinking of marketing. Your French language materials are more than a way of communicating with your customers. They play a valuable part of supporting your brand positioning and value proposition. We are always looking for ways to ensure your French language communications gain recognition for your organization and build affinity with your customers.
  • We are responsive. As business owners, we understand that time is a precious commodity and that deliverables must be right the first time. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on timeliness in the way we respond to client requests each and every time.
  • We have a unique understanding of the requirements of Quebec’s Charter of the French language. We can advise you on how best to meet them. Plus, we have strong relationships with the people responsible for applying the regulations so we can help bridge their expectations with your business realities.
  • We are accountable. Having managed a range of projects large and small, we know that accountability is a critical ingredient of success. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of tools like detailed project plans, and reporting and quality assurance protocols.
  • We offer measurable value. Put it all together and the team at FIG Translation delivers a distinctive combination of quality and service at a competitive price. Just ask our current clients.
  • So, how can we help you?



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