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Translation Services from Montréal

Based in Montreal, FIG Translation helps companies get the best possible return on their French language communications in Quebec.

Our services include:

English To French Translation Services

Since 2007, FIG Translation has offered high quality and professional English to French document translation services to businesses.

Thanks to our simple, efficient methods and our seasoned team of translators from Montreal, we can localize your publications and documents providing a meaning-for-meaning message to your target audience, rather than a word-for-word translation.

Quebec Market Positioning

Montreal’s located FIG Translation team has the localized marketing know–how to turn your investment in francization into business results.

Quebec is a market unlike any other in North America, both in terms of language and culture. Montreal alone represents half of the Quebec population. French-speaking Quebecers, who comprise about 80% of the provincial population, are intensely proud of their province, identifying as Quebecers first and Canadians second.

With its translation professionals living in Montreal, FIG Translation knows this market. We can help you achieve the most from the investment you’ve made in integrating French into your business activities and processes. By offering strategic marketing and translation services aimed at giving your company the right tone with your Quebec clientele, we can help you.

Key services

  • English to French Canadian Translation Service
  • Market research and analysis
  • Marketing strategies designed specifically for Quebecers
  • Creating a French–language brand image
  • Ensuring key marketing messages are locally relevant (mission statements, service commitments, tag lines, advertising concepts, etc.)
  • Building your brand through linguistic and non–traditional marketing


Advisory Translation Services

Of all the things that set Quebec – and its most important city, Montreal – apart from the rest of Canada, the most obvious is that French is the only official language of the province. According to the Charter of the French Language, there are particular legal requirements that every company doing business in Quebec has to follow regarding the use of the French language and translation activities.

Montreal FIG Translation’s team members are experts in helping companies navigate the complex waters of the francization and translation process. With our vast experience in bilingual work environments, our translation services can help you cut through the red tape and get on with what you know best – run your business.

Website Translation Services

For our team of seasoned translators, translating a website is not a task to be taken lightly, as we follow the standards and production methods of multimedia editing.

Our objective is simple: translating the content of your website, while keeping and adapting the message your business wants to convey to your existing and new customers. Using our translation services to translate your website saves you money by having the translation work done right the first time.


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