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In-depth knowledge of the Québec market

Doing business in Quebec in french language involves the adaptation of a variety of texts from English to French and vice-versa. Depending on the number and complexity of such texts, this task can quickly become problematic for organizations that do not have the time or appropriate resources.

Experience has proven that translation by itself rarely results in a communication of the same caliber as the original message.

An original text is the reflection of the writer’s culture and imagination. Unfortunately, a cheap translation or one done quickly via the internet can either distort the original message or be detrimental to your brand.

Also, an English text is the reflection of an Anglophone’s thoughts, culture and imagination. Translation attaches French words to these anglophone references in the hopes of connecting with Francophones. However, even when the words translated are in perfect French, a translation often fails to convey the original message successfully because Francophones cannot fully relate to the thoughts and images behind the words.

That’s why, at FIG Translation, we adapt your message in such a way as to speak to your francophone clientele using the mode of thought and culture with which they are familiar, and by appealing to their collective unconscious.

At FIG Translation, our team consists of experienced translators with an expertise in marketing terminology and a keen business sense. Our translators will work so your message speaks to your French-speaking clientele as if it were originally written in French. Having respect for your French-speaking clientele will reward you with their business and, more importantly, their trust.

For example, we might translate “It’s easy” by “C’est facile.” However, we can go one step further and use the expression “C’est simple comme bonjour,” which adds authenticity and gives the text a distinctly Québec flavor.

The FIG Translation team is a mix of seasoned and multidisciplinary translators, editors, proofreaders, terminologists and project managers fully capable of fulfilling your various translation needs while maintaining a balance between quality, deadline and costs.

Our collaborative and structured approach is based on two criteria:

  1. Determining our client’s communication goals and target clientele
  2. Starting things off on the right foot so as to avoid expensive costs caused by inaccurate translations

Our main translation services include:

Our work is based on the principle that your marketing messages will be significantly more effective if they’ve been adapted to include forms, expressions, idioms and visuals that are recognized by Francophones that evoke genuine respect for the French language and culture.

Your investments in sales and marketing should be backed by meaning-for-meaning translations that convey your message clearly. If you’d like to learn more or would like to request a quote, feel free to contact us to discuss your projects.

We adapt texts of all kinds

We can translate and adapt all types of documents. Here are a few examples:

  • Web sites and intranets
  • Marketing documents such as catalogs or brochures
  • Store signs
  • Business correspondence
  • Service offers
  • Spec sheets, users’ guides, maintenance guides
  • Newsletters
  • Speeches
  • Press releases
  • Human resources documentation, such as policies, or procedures
  • Training documents
  • And much more!

For more information, feel free to contact us.


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