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FIG Translation helps companies get the best possible return on their French language communications in Quebec. Our services include:

Advisory services

Of all the things that set Quebec apart from the rest of Canada, the most obvious is that French is the only official language of the province. According to the Charter of the French Language, there are particular legal requirements that every company doing business in Quebec has to follow regarding the use of the French language in the scope of their activities. The requirements vary according to how many employees the company has in Quebec.

FIG Translation’s team members are experts in helping companies navigate the complex waters of the francization process, as this legal requirement is known. With our vast experience in bilingual work environments, familiarity with the Charter, and strong working relationship with the regulatory authority (the Office québécois de la langue française), we can help you cut through the red tape and get on with what you know best – run your business.

Key services

  • Conforming to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language
  • Evaluating francization costs
  • Assisting with obtaining a francization certificate
  • Facilitating relations with the Office québécois de la langue française
  • Supporting francization committees
  • Integrating French into your business activities and processes

Quebec Market Positioning

Though it might at first appear simple, corporate francization and abidance to Quebec’s language laws can be complex. Once that francization certification has been completed, the real work begins – developing a relationship with your francophone customers. The FIG Translation team has the localized marketing know–how to turn your investment in francization into business results.

Quebec is a market unlike any other in North America, both in terms of language and culture. French–speaking Quebecers, who comprise about 80% of the provincial population, are intensely proud of their province, identifying as Quebecers first and Canadians second.

FIG Translation knows this market. We can help you achieve the most from the investment you’ve made in integrating French into your business activities and processes. By offering strategic French marketing translation services aimed at giving your company the right tone with your Quebec clientele, we can help you

Key services


Have you ever read an English sign in a country where English isn’t the primary language and thought, “Huh?”

We all know that translation by itself can result in words that don’t convey the exact original meaning. That’s because original text reflects the thoughts, culture and imagination of the person who wrote it, while the translation might not. Thus, even when English words are translated into perfect French, the translation can fail to successfully convey the original message.

At FIG Translation, we adapt your message to speak to your francophone clientele using the thought patterns and culture with which they are familiar, and thereby appealing to their collective unconscious. Through accurate localization, we create organic links by referring to familiar local images, concepts and ideas, all of which contribute to creating a sense of community.

Experience has shown us that your marketing messages will be significantly more effective if they include expressions, examples and visuals easily recognized by francophones, and that evoke genuine respect for the French–Canadian language and culture.

Key services

Auxiliary Services

In addition to our core services noted above, we also support our clients with:

  • Copywriting
  • Terminology research
  • Copy editing
  • Document formatting
  • French Proficiency Training
  • Content validation (market relevance and brand appropriateness)
  • Customized briefs on French language fundamentals
  • Communications training/seminars


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