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Our Leadership Team

FIG Translation is led by seven professional translators with a multidisciplinary approach to francization. From translation and popular culture to marketing and technology, they understand the pulse of Quebec and how to best adapt your communications for the market.

Our leadership team is supported by a professional team of translators, marketers and cultural specialists who ensure our work resonates with francophones in Quebec and beyond.

Jean–Guy Latulippe, Copresident

Jean–Guy Latulippe President FIG TranslationA skilled manager with a strong grasp of his métier, Jean–Guy Latulippe brings FIG Translation’s clients over 30 years of diversified experience in the fields of communications, marketing, business development and training. A naturally optimistic person who’s able to transfer his confidence to others, Jean–Guy is known for his fine sense of organization, attention to detail, multidisciplinary skills, and his talent for transforming problems into opportunities.

Whether as marketing director for a law firm, research director for a professional training firm or communications coordinator for companies in the industrial sector, Jean–Guy has managed numerous francization projects, highlighting his capacity for analysis and talent as a communicator.

Among his many accomplishments, Jean–Guy has managed the complete francization of a website for a national law firm; led the francization efforts of several major American retailers; designed and implemented a document management and francization project for a major heavy equipment dealer; and coordinated the linguistic adaptation of numerous training programs in the fields of management, communications and sales.

Jean-Guy can be reached by phone at 514 544-4946, 1 888-509-2722, and 514 928-4154, or by email at jglatulippe@figtranslation.ca.


Fields of expertise

  • Strategic analysis: customers, competitors, positioning, action plans
  • Design, writing and production of various documents: brochures, presentations, proposals, websites, internal communications
  • Website Translation Services
  • Design of training programs and materials
  • Management of projects and multidisciplinary teams
  • Analysis and ongoing improvement of business processes and work methods

Mathieu Brisset, Copresident

Mathieu Brisset vice-president FIG TranslationAfter completing his studies in the field of communications, Mathieu worked as an assistant director of television at Radio-Canada, CBC and RDI. In that capacity, he participated in the broadcast of both the Athens and Salt Lake City Olympic Games. Ever fond of the written word, he went on to develop his skills as a translator from English to French prior to starting work with FIG Translation. After being our Office Manager, Director of Web Strategy and Special Projects, as well as Director of Marketing, Mathieu is today Copresident.


Mathieu can be reached by phone at 514 544-4946, 1 888-509-2722, or 438 397-4449, or via email at mbrisset@figtranslation.ca.


You can also read an interview with Mathieu as part of our Successful Translation Management series.

Lyne Ayotte, Director of operations

Lyne Ayotte Chargée de projet, FIGLyne Ayotte plays the vital role of ensuring FIG Translation delivers projects on time and on budget to the satisfaction of our clients. As such, she diligently oversees the work of the team members who deliver it.

Lyne gained her experience over more than a decade working as marketing senior advisor and project manager at various national law firms.

Lyne can be reached can be reached by phone at 514 544-4946 and 1 888-509-2722, or by email at layotte@figtranslation.ca.

Guy Boutin, Head of Translation

Guy Boutin Responsable de la traductionIn his role as Head of Translation at FIG Translation, Guy Boutin supervises all translation and adaptation work relating to the projects for which he is responsible. As well as overseeing the team of translators and writers, his work involves providing coaching and assistance to those carrying out the various translation and adaptation assignments.

During a career spanning over 25 years in the fields of editing, translation and adaptation, Guy has often worked with major firms in the retail sector, particularly the Hudson’s Bay Company, Consumers Distributing and Electrolux Canada. In combination with a parallel career as a freelancer, this rich and varied experience has allowed Guy to hone his skills and acquire an uncommon degree of mastery of his field. Guy is also an OTTIAQ certified translator.

Guy can be reached by phone at 514 544-4946 or 1 888-509-2722, and by email at gboutin@figtranslation.ca.

Debby Jones, translator 

Debby Jones, translator – Lee Valley ProjectPassionate about languages and cultures, Debby Jones brings her language skills to the Lee Valley Project team. After more than 15 years in the retail sector, Debby chose a career in a field more in tune with her passions.

She holds an honors degree in French translation from Concordia University, and has held numerous positions in the language services sector, notably as a quality manager. This diverse professional experience has allowed her to acquire specialized knowledge and skills that are valuable assets.

Debby can be reached by phone at 514 544-4946 or 1 888-509-2722, and by email at djones@figtranslation.ca.

Louis-Frédéric Pagé, reviser – Lee Valley Project

Having first graduated from UQAM in literary studies, Louis-Frédéric then worked as an author, editor, and researcher before becoming a cabinetmaker. His penchant for languages and writing finally took over and led him to the University of Sherbrooke, where he obtained a degree in professional translation.

After knocking on FIG Translation’s door, he started working as a translator, then reviser for the Lee Valley Project – an opportunity that allows him to use both his linguistic sensitivity and his knowledge of woodworking. Louis-Frédéric is always looking for the right word and concise wording to create texts that are just as fluid as they are precise, just like the Lee Valley tools he helps to describe.

Louis-Frédéric can be reached by phone at 514 544-4946 or 1 888-509-2722, and by email at lpage@figtranslation.ca.

Tania Goulet, Projects Manager 

Tania Goulet manages a variety of projects. Her responsibilities include: the organization and smooth running of operations, resource mobilization, rate negotiation, compliance of time and budget targets as well as customer satisfaction.

Earlier on in her career, she primarily worked as a translator and a revisor. She now focuses on project management for translation clients in fields such as marketing, finance, law and administration. With several years of experience in translation, she distinguishes herself by her rigor and thoughtful approach to the sensitivities of the writer and target readership. Her analytical and organizational abilities enabled her to always fulfil her mandates within agreed deadlines.

You can contact Tania at 514-544-4946 or 1-888-509-2722, as well as at the following email address: tgoulet@figtranslation.ca.