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Non-traditional marketing

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Non-traditional marketing

Closely related to linguistic marketing, non-traditional marketing consists of creating a positive element of surprise for customers and/or other target audiences.

Depending on an organization’s need for visibility, non-traditional marketing can be used either discreetly, or in a manner designed to create more of a splash in when advertising in Quebec.

  • The more outgoing approach is designed to attract as much media coverage as possible, a platform which is recognized as being worth three to five times the price of any paid advertising in a newspaper or magazine.
  • This type of marketing consists mainly of organizing an event with a social
    or environmental theme, or one that is simply meant to be fun. However, regardless of the form it takes, such events must be organically linked to the interests of both the organization and its target audiences.
  • This approach is capable of positioning an organization very favorably with respect to its competition, and is likely to provide a sound launching platform for its business development initiatives.
  • The more discreet approach aims at tightening up links with target audiences or in other words, promoting customer loyalty. This softer style of marketing might take the form of a carefully targeted event which is not intended to attract media coverage, but rather features an unusual product or service designed to capture customers’ attention.


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