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The localization of key marketing messages

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A strategic choice for companies doing business in Québec.

A recent survey showed that one of the most important values among Quebecers is a sense of belonging to Québec society.

For companies doing business in Québec, this observation confirms the importance of being properly integrated into the Québec market. It is critical that your francophone clientele recognizes certain aspects of the company as reflecting their own values. Thus localization is part of a winning strategy for attracting and gaining the loyalty of Québec customers.

What does localization consist of?

Localization consists of providing an organization with a character and voice that are both distinctly French, by adapting its marketing messages to the characteristics and sensitivity of the Québec market. When performed effectively, localization reflects the culture of francophone clients while remaining true to the essence of the organization.

Localization is not simply about translation

Experience has proven that translation by itself rarely results in a communication of the same caliber as the original message. An English text is the reflection of an Anglophone’s thoughts, culture, and imagination. Translation associates French words to these anglophone references in the hope of connecting with Francophones.

However, even when the words translated are in perfect French, a translation often fails to convey the original message successfully because Francophones cannot fully relate to the thoughts and images behind the words.

That’s why, at FIG, we adapt your message in such a way as to speak to your francophone clientele using the mode of thought and culture with which they are familiar, and appealing to their collective unconscious. Through accurate localization, we create organic links with the target clientele by going right to the heart of the matter and referring to well-known images, concepts and ideas, all of which contributes to creating a sense of belonging.

For example, we might translate “It’s easy” by “C’est facile.” However, we can go one step further and use the expression “C’est simple comme bonjour,” which adds authenticity and gives the text a distinctly Québec flavor.

Our work is based on the principle that your marketing messages will be significantly more effective if they are adapted to include forms, expressions, examples and visuals that are recognized by Francophones and evoke genuine respect for the French language and culture.


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