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Linguistic marketing

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Linguistic marketing

Linguistic marketing is a powerful tool that provides an organization with an opportunity to optimize the returns on its francization projects. It differentiates the organization from its competitors by emphasizing the importance it accords to the use of French.

It consists of designing striking activities or events that are carefully targeted and highlight the quality of French being employed by the company, emphasizing the effort it is making to integrate into the Québec market. It may also take the form of original marketing tools that bring to light the French language itself. In either case, linguistic marketing aims to attract media coverage that can position the organization as a leader in the Québec marketplace. The localization of key marketing messages is also very important in this case.

For example, here are some initiatives that might fall within the scope of a linguistic marketing program:

  • Creation of events which highlight the quality of French used by the organization
  • Launch of a French language website
  • Creation of events that promote the French language

There’s also cases of non traditional linguistic marketing whereas we either make sure the business is known to all or we strengthen the relationship with the customers.


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