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Our French market adaptation and copywriting services include the creation of a lexicon whose aim is to document and ensure the uniformity of the vocabulary selected for your French language communications. For example, a “jacket” won’t become a “vest” in the catalogue, a “coat” on the website and a “blouse” on a poster somewhere.

Taking the time to create a tool of this nature has numerous advantages:

  • It helps promote clearer, more precise and more effective communication, both internally and externally.
  • The lexicon is a permanent reference source that belongs to your organization and can be consulted by all translation and communication resources.
  • From an economic perspective, the lexicon provides real savings in time and money by preventing the duplication of work as well as the loss of expertise resulting from personnel turnover or the loss of a service provider.
  • We also work on a style guide to complement the lexicon.
Jean–Guy Latulippe President FIG Translation

A skilled manager with a strong grasp of his métier, Jean–Guy Latulippe brings FIG Translation’s clients over 30 years of diversified experience in the fields of communications, marketing, business development and training.