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Some helpful resources

The team at FIG Translation uses a variety of tools to assist us in preparing the best possible francization strategies and adapting a wide range of content. We’ve assembled some of the most relevant resources to share with you here.

  • Doing business in Quebec:
    • Not as complex as it sounds! See more.
  • Charter of the French Language:
    • Principal Obligations of Companies doing business in Quebec
    • Learn more
  • Obtaining a francization certificate in Quebe
  • Integrating the French language into your business activities and processes:
  • The localization of key marketing messages:
    • A strategic choice for companies doing business in Quebec
    • Learn more
    • Linguistic and non–traditional marketing:
      • Two key tools used for differentiation
    • A few translation bloopers:
      • Do your French documents really say what you think they say?
      • Learn more
    • French market adaptation services:
      • Increase the effectiveness of your communications by creating positive links with your francophone clients
      • Learn more
    • The lexicon and style guide:
      • Twin communications tools with strong added value

    Dictionaries and other linguistic resources

  • Le grand dictionnaire terminologique (GDT)
  • The GDT is a terminology database maintained by the Quebec Office of the French Language and its partners. It provides the definitive resource for preferred terminology in French Canada. (Note: This resource is only in French.)http://gdt.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/

  • Termium Plus®
  • TERMIUM Plus® is a terminological and linguistic data bank hosted on the Web site of the Translation Bureau of Canada. It constitutes the standardization tool of the Government of Canada and includes 17 diverse and user-friendly writing tools.https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/bt-tb/index-eng.html

  • Le français au micro
  • French language tips from Guy Bertrand, Senior Linguistic Adviser for Radio-Canada, the French network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. (The content of this site is in French only.)http://linguistique.radio-canada.ca/category/le-francais-au-micro/


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