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At FIG translation, we offer high-quality french marketing translation of your documents so your message speaks your clients’ language.

Our french marketing translation team ready to tackle any projects you need to have translated for targeted clientele. Whether it be a website, professional documents; we have a plan for you. We are thorough in our approach so your material can effectively communicate your brand message.

No matter the project size, your french marketing translation project will be done on time. Your clientele will understand your message adequately so your business can grow.

Translating for the French-Canadian market

Integrating a business into the French-Canadian market may seem exceptionally challenging, as you must have bilingual documents that can deliver a message that will be well perceived in English and in French Canadian.

As of today, there are more than 7 million native Canadian French speakers all across Canada. With that large an audience, you want to ensure that your documents are well written and translated effectively to reflect the way French Canadians speak.

The team of professional translators from FIG Translation is there to ensure that your message gets delivered efficiently and is understood by everyone. We do professional English to French Canadian translation services for businesses at a competitive price.

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