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What are the benefits of francization?

Savvy business leaders know that francization can lead to a variety of compelling business results:

  • Build customer and employee affinity
  • Drive incremental sales
  • Support multi-lingual infrastructure required for international expansion
  • Enrich company culture
  • Enhance reputation
  • Reduce risk

The FIG Translation team can counsel you on how best to leverage these benefits for your organization.

Who are your clients?

FIG Translation’s diversified clientele includes, among others:

  • Several national retailers
  • Major national insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • A B2B consulting firm
  • An international travel organization specializing in educational tours
  • A large real estate broker
  • A number of small and medium-sized enterprises

No matter what kind of services we deliver, all our clients believe in the added value of the French language as a marketing tool to support their business development efforts in Quebec and the rest of French-speaking Canada.

Let us help you understand how it can benefit your organization by clicking here.

What kind of work do you carry out for your clients?

The nature and scope of the services FIG Translation delivers are just as varied as our clients:

  • Advisory services
    • Conforming to Quebec’s Charter of the French Language
      • Evaluating francization costs
      • Assisting with obtaining a francization certificate
      • Facilitating relations with the Office québécois de la langue française
      • Supporting francization committees
    • Integrating French into your business activities and processes
  • Market positioning
  • Adaptation
  • Auxiliary Services
    • Copywriting
    • French language training programs

Also take a look at our 9 tips for working effectively with your translation agency.


Is the Quebec market really so different from other Canadian markets?

This is the question we’re asked most often. It touches upon one of the most difficult aspects to explain to people who aren’t familiar with the particular characteristics of Quebec society.

These characteristics are often difficult to grasp, since they’re not necessarily visible at first sight – Quebecers generally look the same as English Canadians. Many businesspeople from outside the province think Quebecers are English Canadians who speak French, and believe that a simple translation of material designed for the English market will win them a Quebec clientele. Not so!

Beneath the surface, Quebecers’ particular character is expressed subtly by aspects such as culture, values, motivations, lifestyles, food, fashion and the way they view things in general; in other words, to use a bit of marketing jargon, Quebec has its own “culture code”.

The Quebec market is where we earn our living and we can affirm categorically that its difference from other Canadian markets – its “culture code“, if you will – justifies a localized marketing approach.

Considering the costs associated with the integration of the French language into a company’s business processes and activities, is it in fact profitable to do business in Quebec?

Absolutely! The Quebec market is one of the most dynamic in Canada in a number of business segments including general insurance, outdoor recreation, culture and retail clothing sales, just to mention a few. In addition, consumers in Quebec are known for their loyalty towards companies that respect their language and culture.

Winning conditions

FIG Translation’s experience has shown us that companies interested in doing business in Quebec tend to succeed when three main conditions are in place:

  • The company costs related to the use of French are seen as an investment in opening the doors to a new market.
  • The investment is evaluated in terms of its performance and not solely in terms of its cost.
  • The company carefully and intentionally plans and structures the process of integrating the French language into its business activities.

Other added value elements to consider

Using the French language as a strategic lever for business development efforts is a winning strategy in a number of ways:

  • It allows the company to leverage its full potential by drawing from the know-how of both French and English cultures.
  • It creates loyalty and motivation among Quebec employees, who then become committed and convincing spokespersons for the company.
  • It opens a window into other francophone markets elsewhere in the world – a pool of some 200 million people.
  • The approach used to integrate French into the company’s activities can be applied to other languages, thus reducing costs of launching in other foreign markets. For companies that have a worldwide vision, doing business in Quebec is an excellent first step towards internationalization!



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