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The lexicon: your French language building block par excellence

Our French market adaptation and copywriting services include the creation of a lexicon whose aim is to document and ensure the uniformity of the vocabulary selected for your French language communications. For example, a “jacket” won’t become a “vest” in the catalogue, a “coat” on the website and a “blouse” on a poster somewhere.

English to French LexiconsTaking the time to create a tool of this nature has numerous advantages:

  • It helps promote clearer, more precise and more effective communication, both internally and externally.
  • The lexicon is a permanent reference source that belongs to your organization and can be consulted by all translation and communication resources.
  • From an economic perspective, the lexicon provides real savings in time and money by preventing the duplication of work as well as the loss of expertise resulting from personnel turnover or the loss of a service provider.
  • We also work on a style guide to complement the lexicon.

The style guide: a natural complement to the lexicon

Although the lexicon is a fine tool in itself, it becomes even more powerful when backed up by a specialized style guide, tailored to your company.

The style guide for translationGoing beyond the choice of correct vocabulary, the style guide sets out the rules to be followed to produce French language materials. It establishes the tone of your “French voice” by setting the guiding principles of your communications with francophone audiences.

For example, the style guide specifies the level of formality and type of language to be used. It also covers the more “technical” elements of writing such as punctuation and capitalization.

For those companies that have already developed guidelines for their English language communications, we take these into account so as to ensure that the style guide we produce accords with existing standards as closely as possible.


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