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Translating for the French-Canadian market

Integrating a business into the French-Canadian market may seem exceptionally challenging, as you must have bilingual documents that can deliver a message that will be well perceived in English and in French Canadian.

As of today, there are more than 7 million native Canadian French speakers all across Canada. With that large an audience, you want to ensure that your documents are well written and translated effectively to reflect the way French Canadians speak.

The team of professional translators from FIG Translation is there to ensure that your message gets delivered efficiently and is understood by everyone. We do professional English to French Canadian translation services for businesses at a competitive price. 

Different culture, different variety of language

French Canadian is a unique variety of the French language and our team will make sure that your documents respect the subtleties and nuances particular to French Canadians.

Many French speakers across Canada avoid certain English terms in their vocabulary that might be used by European French speakers.

Professional translators and our expertise

Our team of professional translators guarantees swift and impeccable translation services of a wide variety of documents for different types of companies like:

  • Insurance companies
  • Food products companies
  • Retail companies, such as our client Lee Valley
  • Clothing companies
  • Any type of company can do business with our team!

Since our professional translators are immersed in the French-Canadian culture, they think and communicate in French Canadian, as well as in English. This proves that our team can tackle any sort of English to French Canadian translation that you might need us to do, as they understand the subtleties of both languages.

We know that we will give you the best results.

And since our professional translators are trained to deliver the best results in a timely manner, we can offer competitive prices that will certainly convince you to trust our work.

If you’d like to have a professional translation service to deliver a message to all French speakers around the globe, you can consult our English to French translation services.

You can also contact us if you would like to get more information on our translation services.

Please, complete our translation service quote, and we’ll provide you with a timely estimate.


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