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Lee Valley Tools has been serving Gardeners and Woodworkers by providing unique and hard to find quality tools for 35 years. Their catalog mail order business and the 15 retail stores across Canada continue to thrive due to their exceptional customer service and never ending product line growth and diversity.

Business approach

Lee Valley has a history of pride and dedication in the development, planning and manufacturing of their tools, and the company relied on these same characteristics when developing their francophone clientele website. They went beyond translation, by building a site that creates a genuine connection with their francophone clientele, creating detailed and quality product descriptions, instructions and useful information.

How we helped

Francisation InterGlobe translated and conducted a French market adaptation of Lee Valley’s website, and helped create a distinctly French voice for the company with a tone and style that could be used in all of Lee Valley’s French language communications.

We put our expertise to work in creating a unique collection of terms and standards that will ensure consistency in all future translations.

Measuring success

Lee Valley receives regular accolades from customers who show appreciation for the high quality of the French utilized on its website and in its publications.

Client Testimonial

” We chose Francisation InterGlobe because of its passion and reputation for producing high-quality work. (…) We are thankful to Francisation InterGlobe for adding its marketing flair to our publications and for helping support our marketing objectives. We receive regular accolades from customers who show appreciation for the high quality of the French utilized on our website and in our publications. “

– The Lee Valley Tools Team

I recently came across one of Pierre Foglia’s columns, in which he mentioned that you [Francisation InterGlobe] had received the mandate to francize the Lee Valley website. I participate in a forum devoted to cabinet-making called Lamortaise.com, and collectively we are entirely grateful for the excellent work you have done in translating the various terms we use in this field. For us, Lee Valley is the source of quality cabinet- making tools. Indeed, we have in the past made mention to Mr. Robin Lee of Lee Valley of our appreciation of this initiative, since a great many of our members have little or no English. We always try to use correct French whenever possible, and our reference is often Lee Valley.

– Normand Laforce

Since we’re talking about Lee Valley, I would like to use this opportunity to underline the quality of the French documents and catalogues they produce. They came a long way since they decided not so long ago to offer to Francophones of this country the choice of reading their publications either in English or in French, and they did a tremendous job. Their reference guides contain no spelling mistakes, no syntax errors, and no terminological improprieties, and I don’t get tired of reading them. The continued efforts Lee Valley makes to maintain the quality of the French language in their written documents are truly amazing, especially since in the end, we, Quebec’s village of Gauls, represent only a small market share for them.

Lee Valley gained my respect. We are far from those bad translations, where “low-fat” becomes “low in fat people”.

Kudos!!! 😉 ”

– A Lee Valley customer

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