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As required by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF)

In order to obtain a francization certificate for your business, you must first do a Linguistic analysis of your business. This analysis evaluates the current state of the French language usage in all spheres of your business, whether internal or external. The results are then sent to the OQLF to determine if your business is eligible to obtain a francization certificate immediately or is required to go through a francization program in order to correct the elements that do not meet the Charter’s requirements.

Our consulting services for linguistic analysis of your business

Analysis of organizational structures
Meeting with key stakeholders and analysis of your company’s organizational structures in order to understand its context as well as key issues concerning francization.

Registration and relationship building with the OQLF
Facilitation of the registration process and maintaining communications with the OQLF throughout the process.

Linguistic analysis
Meeting with managers responsible for administrative units located in Quebec; information gathering; preparation of the questionnaire Analyse de la situation linguistique and forwarding of the questionnaire to the OQLF.

To learn more, please consult our Francization Certificate for businesses in Quebec page.


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