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Implementing a Francization Program for Businesses

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After reviewing the linguistic analysis of your business, the OQLF may ask you to develop and implement a francization program in your business. This program must be submitted to the OQLF. Once the program has been approved, you are required to implement it within a timeframe agreed to with the OQLF.  The outcome of the process is a francization certificate delivered by the OQLF.

Development and implementation of a francization program (if required by the OQLF)

Development of the francization program: Assistance in drafting the program document; presentation of the program to management and the OQLF; negotiation of specific elements of the program with the OQLF, if required.

Implementation of the program: Assistance in coordinating the francization program’s implementation in collaboration with management and the francization committee; maintaining of communications with members of the francization committee, if required.

As required, inviting francization committee members to meetings required under the Charter of the French Language; coordination of the committee’s work and communications between the committee and the OQLF.

Typical components of a francization program

  • Identification of priority documents, by department
  • Evaluation of the time required for the translation of these documents, by department
  • Evaluation of the time required for the translation of the website and intranet
  • Development of a work schedule for each department
  • Formation of a translation team
  • Translation and adaptation of texts
  • Development of a lexicon
  • Correction and revision of texts
  • Conversion of information technologies
  • Implementation of a document updating process

To learn more, please consult our Francization Certificate For Businesses in Quebec page.


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