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Home to almost one-quarter of Canada’s population, you’ve decided that Quebec represents an important new market for your company. Regarding advertising, a simple translation from English to French will do fine, right?


Quebec has a unique history, language, and culture that differs significantly from the rest of Canada and the United States. With more than 400 years of history in North America, Quebecers also differ from their brethren in France. In short, Quebec is a unique French-speaking market.

Advertise using the culture of the Quebec market

Ever read an instruction manual, package or sign written in English that really didn’t make sense? In Quebec, we call these poor attempts at French translation “Cereal Box French”.

Language is more than a collection of words – it reflects the special characteristics of each culture: its conventions, its traditions, its religion, and its politics. In short, it’s a powerful tool that can connect you more firmly with your target markets. For more on this matter, se our 5 tips to successfully enter the quebec market.

Francization is in the Quebec language laws

While adapting your marketing, advertising and communications materials for the Quebec market makes sense, it’s also the law. Indeed, Quebec has comprehensive legislation that governs the use of French in general society and at work.

Businesses with over fifty employees are required to register with the Office Québécois de la langue française (Quebec Office of the French Language) to become eligible for a francization certificate which is granted if the linguistic requirements are met. Meeting these requirements is called francization. Some think of it as a barrier or a challenge. Think again!

Using french is a powerful tool for your business

The francization process can be a powerful tool to build a positive reputation with employees, customers and business partners. If done poorly, it can create a variety of unnecessary challenges like customer and employee complaints, fines or negative publicity.

The quality of the French language you use in your Quebec advertising can be a strategic element. It can measurably deepen the affinity and loyalty of your employees, and current and potential customers. What’s more, integrating another culture and language into your organization can be enriching and rewarding.

You’ll see your business in new ways that will deliver a variety of powerful benefits.

Reap commercial and reputational benefits with your advertising in Quebec

French-speaking Quebecers, about 80% of the provincial population, are proud of their province and many identify themselves as Quebecers first, and Canadians second.

Rather than viewing this distinctiveness as a barrier, successful organizations have chosen to enhance their advertising efforts through linguistic marketing, a powerful way to optimize their investment in French language adaptation.

Linguistic marketing is about implementing unique strategies that highlight the quality of French you’re using, and emphasizing your efforts at integrating into your Quebec market advertising. Leading companies who follow this approach reap commercial and reputational benefits. Wouldn’t you like to be among them?

You need to translate your advertising material for the Quebec market anyways. Why not get the best possible return on your French language investment by tapping into the potential of linguistic marketing! Get a quote for your next project!

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