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FIG Translation is the leading corporate francization and linguistic marketing firm in Canada, catering to companies doing business – or wanting to do business – in Quebec.

The fact is, entering the Quebec market isn’t as simple as translating materials from English to French. While Quebec is home to almost a quarter of Canada’s population, it has a unique history, language and culture that differ significantly from the rest of Canada and the United States.

With a strong appreciation and respect for this community, we launched in 2007 after the founders helped Mountain Equipment Co–op achieve great results in entering Quebec (read about this success story here). After more than 12 years serving under the banner Francisation InterGlobe, we changed our corporate name for one that better reflects what we do: FIG Translation.

Since then, FIG Translation has offered companies a range of services helping them succeed in the Quebec market. These services range from carefully adapting marketing and communications materials for a distinctive French-speaking clientele to ensuring compliance with all relevant provincial language regulations.

FIG Translation’s work ethic is based on the following attributes:


We avoid the use of complicated jargon and make every effort to communicate with our clients in clear and precise language.


We value the confidence our clients place in us, and adhere to strict rules of integrity and confidentiality.


We work collaboratively with clients, setting up clear timelines and communications channels at the start of each project.


We help our clients meet the challenges of working in the Quebec marketplace with enthusiasm, creativity and ingenuity.


Our approach is methodical and disciplined, no matter how big or small the job.

At the end of the day, FIG Translation’s business culture is based on one fundamental value: respect.

What does that mean in practice?

We start every project by getting to know our clients – their background, mission, values and goals – so that we can offer the services that will lead to the best results.

Working in a team–based culture, we honour and consider different points of view, while valuing and appreciating individual contributions. Our communications are always honest and reliable.

Finally, as a socially responsible firm, we continuously work to integrate the principles of sustainable development into all our activities. Protection of the environment, social justice, protection of our cultural heritage, innovation and quality of life are benchmarks by which we measure our progress.


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